The training program we completed with BloomScript has had important impacts on our culture. Our people are now thinking about improvements and everyone has projects they are working on related to these improvements. There is a shift from being frustrated with issues to instead thinking about them as opportunities to improve and working to resolve them so they don't happen again. 

David Vonesch - SkyFire Energy

Kirsten’s tireless and enthusiastic work to whittle away at my to-do list and tackle outstanding projects has resulted in a step-change improvement in how smoothly my business runs. I look forward to our ongoing sessions and to Kirsten’s seemingly magical ability to problem solve and support me reaching my business goals. Truly, the only disappointment I have about working with Kirsten is that I wish I had hired her sooner!

Alli Marshall - Strix Insights

Kirsten works with small business owners to help them get fundamental systems in place for smooth operation. She has a keen eye for process and can identify problems quickly. Kirsten then helps streamline and ensure workflow is efficient and scalable for growth.

If you are a small growing business, have a chat with Kirsten to get some help establishing key processes such as invoicing, inventory, client relationship management, and basic office administration systems etc.. The best thing about Kirsten is she doesn't just tell you what to do, she actually helps implement with you.

She has a unique blend of strategic visioning skills and a strong ability to execute action plans as well. And she is delightful to work with!

Dawn O'Connor - Think Productive Canada


Sitting down with Kirsten and having her help map out my businesses process so I could achieve a much improved work-flow was one of the best investments I have made in my business to date. I felt so much relief after we met knowing that I could get organized, create my own systems and be on top of what needed to be done.

Heather Broad - eMomNow Calgary

When I first heard the term process mapping, I was more than a little dubious as to how such a big term could help a small business. As with all decisions, the one to hire Kirsten and give Bloomscript a test run was made with great care and a healthy dose of skepticism.

After spending four hours with Kirsten planning and mapping and head-shaking (hers, not mine) the bones of my business started to fuse together. I really needed some guidance and structure in order to continue running two businesses, but Kirsten delivered a great deal more than that.

I walked away with a plan that clearly outlined what I needed to do in order to achieve my goals. I had to make some critical, game changing decisions and Bloomscript's process mapping helped me see the gaping holes in my "let's play it by ear" plan.

If you feel like you are lacking a clear path, are holding onto something that is not profitable, or have no idea how to get unstuck, you need to sit down with Kirsten. It is a wise investment that will move you from A to B and steer you to C on the horizon.

Dana Goldstein - Chicflicks