Kirsten Wreggitt,
Opportunity Cultivator

For me, it all started with a passion for puzzles. I love to link details to the big picture. I took this passion for connecting ideas and systems to another level by starting Bloomscript, where I help leaders confidently solve their own puzzles and move their businesses forward.

My extensive experience in continuous improvement, combined with a passion for human centered design and innovation, have made me a trusted resource for clients who want to embrace change and adapt quickly.

I am an Opportunity Cultivator, a leader and a business champion, who has the tools, knowledge and experience to help your business thrive.

Why did I name it BloomScript?

Naming a company is hard!

I spent a lot of time thinking about the reason someone would contact me for help. The number one reason is because their business is growing, but they need help supporting the growth. Bloom is about growing your business, and finding ways to help it thrive. And Script? Well, in order to grow, you need a plan, a method, and a written set of instructions. A script. The nice thing about a script (like in a movie) is there’s always room for improv. A script is a guideline to move things forward with enough room for flexibility.